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Easiest Plant to Grow this Autumn

Updated: Mar 16

The seasons are slowly changing so now is the perfect time to plant your cool season crops. This is a great one to grow with the kids, grandkids or even for yourself!

There is something seriously satisfying about having a bevy of snap peas that you can pop straight off the plant and into your dinner.

Not only are peas a cool season crop but they can easily be grown in a pot. It doesn’t matter if you are new to gardening or an absolute green thumb – this the easiest vegetable to plant this autumn.

Do I need a pea seed or seedling?

Either is fine, but generally peas are sown from seeds as they have delicate root systems that don’t like to be disturbed.

What pot should I use?

Peas have shallow root systems, so a wider rather than deep pot is best. Trough pots are fantastic (don't worry we generally have these in stock at The Nurso).

What potting mix do you recommend?

A premium potting mix that provides good drainage and moisture retention is ideal. Mulch around your seedlings with sugar-cane mulch or similar will stop the soil from drying out.

How do I stop peas from falling over?

Sugar snap peas are available as climbers or bush, so it depends on the variety you get, but even the bush varieties benefit from being on a small arch or frame to provide them with good aeration.

Where should I put my pot of peas?

Peas need 6 + hours of sun a day, so pick a nice sunny spot with good air-flow.

What about watering and mulch?

Plants in pots dry out faster so keep an eye on how dry the soil is and make sure to keep it moist, but not wet. This is especially important early on, as seedlings can easily rot if over-watered.

How soon can I eat my crop?

Generally, around 15 weeks after sowing seeds you can start harvesting, and the great thing with snap peas is you just pick, eat and watch more grow!

Ok! I'm ready to get growing. Where can I get my supplies?

Come down to The Nurso, our friendly horticulture staff would love to chat about your autumn planting ideas. Oh and did we mention select pots are currently on sale at The Nurso? We have everything you need to get gardening in a snap!

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