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The Nurso’s New Online Garden Centre

It’s spring and that means one thing – it’s time to get out and start gardening.

The Nurso's online garden centre carries an extensive range of outdoor plants. We have everything you need to create your low maintenance, easy care, and dare we say – tropical gardening project!

Outdoor Plants Perfect for Southeast Queensland

It is getting HOT in Brisbane. If the last few weeks are anything to go by a full sun plant will be the perfect addition to your outdoor space.

Native plants are known to tolerate full sun so are an easy care choice. They are drought resistant and perfect for the hearty Queensland climate.

We recommend - Lilly Pillys. They’re a fast growing, native plant that can reach up to one metre a year. They can be turned into stunning native hedge or can be maintained as a stunning small bush in the backyard.

In addition to native plants, The Nurso's online gardening store offers a range of tropical plants that will look perfect in your outdoor space. From giant bird or paradise plants to the classic cordyline pink diamond - we have you covered with our beautiful range of tropical plants perfect for Southeast Queensland.

You can explore our range of tropical plants here.

Perfect Plants for Privacy

When you’re going for a dip in the backyard pool there’s nothing like a bit of privacy! The Nurso’s range of outdoor plants mean you are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing your outdoor plants for the pool area.

When you plant a hedge you want to make sure it going to create a ‘green screen’ giving you an extra layer of privacy outside. A low maintenance hedging plant that we recommend starting with is the robust Red Robin. They are known to bloom in the spring with fragrant white flowers and are also known to withstand hot weather and tropical storms.

The classic Lady Palm is a popular hedging plant around the world. Originally cultivated in Japan these palms can grow quite large. Although, in Queensland harsh sunlight you'll want to ensure the Lady Palm's can enjoy partial shade so they their leaves don't start to tarnish or fade.

Another plant that is popular choice for creating a beautiful natural screen in the backyard is the Mock Orange bush. This plant can grow up to 4 meters tall so is a great choice for adding an element of privacy.

Have a look at The Nurso's plant store hedging options here.

Planting mulch and mix available to purchase from The Nurso's online store

A Great Base – Potting Mix and Mulch

Of course, every successful gardening project needs soil that is packed with nutrient, well ventilated and has access to adequate drainage.

We’ve carefully selected a range of bespoke potting mix and soil that we feel will give you superior results. From growing the perfect tomato to keeping your natives in full bloom– we have the potting mix to suit your project. Our range includes native mix, premium potting mix, tea tree mulch, and even a mix made especially for succulents and cacti.

To help with soil drainage, The Nurso also has a diverse range of sand, gravel, and bark to keep your soil aerated.

Check out our different potting mix and mulch options here.

Place Your Plant Order Today

If you’re flat out doing all the other things in life, let The Nurso deliver gardening goodness right to your doorstep.

Get gardening!

- Potting M ix Mulch

- Tropical

- Indoor

- Ground covers

- Grasses

- Trees, shrubs, and ornamentals

- Succulent and catci

- Confiers

- Hedging

View The Nurso's carefully curated and extensive range of online plants available to people in the Brisbane area here.

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