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Winter Veggies to Enjoy at Home

Easy to grow veggies that are simply delicious!

Get ready to green up your veggie patch.

All these leafy greens need are the beautiful Brisbane sun and a good drink of water. They grow quickly and will be delighting the whole household in no time.

And what to do with all of these gorgeous greens? Salads, pesto's or try out our favourite, cheesy, easy-to-make recipe below - it will have even the pickiest eater saying, more please!

Ideal Growing Conditions

Winter is the perfect time to plant leafy green vegetables in Brisbane’s sub-tropical climate. Queensland is known as the sunshine state, and this is especially true during the mild winters. This means unlike other climates; Brisbane’s winter is actually the perfect time to grow gorgeous green vegetables.

Erica Vale Seeds Ready to Plant Now

To give you a head start, The Nurso has Erica Vale seeds available to plant in your veggie patch. We recommend planting these versatile leafy greens before summer hits (along with the intense heat). Not only do leafy greens taste delicious but they’re full of vitamin A and K. too.

Silverbeet and Rainbow Chard – these large, delicious and colourful leaves are pick and come again, so whenever you feel like it, pick the outside leaves, cutting close to the base. Not only is this an attractive and ornamental plant to have in the veggie patch, but it is one that just keeps going and going!

Spinach – Having much smaller leaves than chard, spinach is just as easy to grow. Spinach is a sun loving plant so make sure it positioned accordingly in your veggie patch. Make sure you don’t have any potatoes growing near your spinach as they’ll compete for the same nutrients.

Spinach Pie is Sure to Put a Smile on That Dial

While it's chilly outside, treat your friends and family to a heartwarming spinach pie featuring leafy greens from your very own veggie patch! The best part is you can use spinach, silverbeet or rainbow chard interchangeably. It’s a great way of using oodles of leafy green veggies in a delicious dish.

We love this recipe for Spanakopita (Greek Spinach Pie) from – a great weeknight meal when you’re short on time but still want to treat the family to something special. This recipe often calls for oregano and parsley, which can also be easily grown in pots or in your garden during the cooler months.

Recycle Leftover Vegetable Scraps

While at The Nurso stop by our new consignment shop area (the covered area next to the café) amongst the handcrafted items you’ll spy the Australian made, Composta –worm farm and composting system.

It’s the perfect garden companion - pop those leftover food scraps into the compost and watch the magic of the gardening cycle take over. It’s pretty incredible that leftover leaves from the veggie patch, slowly turn back into nutrient rich soil, which in turns, feeds new seedlings.

The consignment space has been carefully curated to support incredible local businesses. In fact, they’re always on the lookout for new businesses to support. If you have a product or business and want talk the team, contact them at

Head Down to The Nurso to Get Gardening

The Nurso’s friendly and knowledgeable gardening team would love to talk about your veggie garden goals. We’re here seven days a week and can’t wait to discuss all things gardening with you.

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